Most Small Business Owners Are Overwhelmed By Social Media & Online Marketing

A Clear Roadmap & Affordable Training Is The Answer!

Social Media Training Coaching


        • Want to do more but don’t know where to start?

        • Afraid of losing business to savvy competitors?

        • Wonder how to drive sales on Facebook?

        • Tired of information overflow?

        • Want someone to tell you exactly what to do?

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11 Video Courses Included:

Session 1 :  Building Your Online Marketing Strategy 

  • Better Understanding of Social Media and Business
  • How to Evaluate Your Online Presence
  • 7 Key Decisions That Determine Success
  • How to avoid mistakes, wasted time & money

Session 2:  Online Branding

  • How customers use the internet
  • Essentials for building an attractive brand online
  • How to own and maximize the impact of your brand

Session 3:  Search Engine Optimization

  • Why search matters
  • How the search engines work
  • How to optimize your website
  • Tips for achieving top placement

Session 4:  Blogging For Business

  • What is a blog
  • Why blogging has become such a powerful marketing tool
  • How to use a blog to grow your business
  • How to get started

Session 5:  Twitter For Business

  • What is Twitter
  • How does Twitter work
  • Using Twitter for business
  • Tips for getting started

Session 6A:  Facebook For Business – Basic

  • Why Facebook matters
  • Using Facebook for business
  • How to create your business page on Facebook

Session 6B:  Facebook For Business – Advanced

  • Strategies for growing your presence on Facebook
  • Why Facebook advertising works
  • How to use Facebook tools to achieve success

Session 7:  LinkedIn

  • Why LinkedIn matters
  • Strategies for using LinkedIn for business
  • Key features of LinkedIn
  • Where to begin

Session 8:  Analytics & Reporting

  • Why analytics and reporting matter
  • How to measure your success online
  • Understanding analytics for your website, social media and online presence

Session 9:  Streamlining Social Media

  • Strategies and tools for maximizing your time and impact online
  • Creating your own system
  • 7 first steps to streamlining 

Session 10:  Attracting & Engaging Current Customers Online

  • Understanding Word of Mouth 
  • 5 Steps to building influence online

Session 11:  Effective Social Media Marketing Campaigns

  • Why campaigns are the secret to your success online
  • How to launch effective campaigns
  • Examples and Case studies of successful campaigns

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Our simple step-by-step video sessions deliver new marketing solutions & training you can understand, rely on & access from anywhere 24/7.

We know there is no shortage of information out there about how to market your business online. It can be frustrating and overwhelming if you don’t have a step-by-step program to follow. That’s exactly why we created the Online Marketing FastTrack Program.  Our program teaches you only what you need to know about how to build a strong online presence, one step at a time.  By the end of the 11 sessions you will have learned what you need to know to be successful online and more importantly - exactly what to do, how to do it and in what order to achieve the best results.

Program Includes:


Professional Training:  The CEO of WindFarm Marketing – a full service online & and social media marketing agency and Founder of MomFaves, Josh Unfried, created and tested the content in this program on hundreds of businesses across the US who have since achieved amazing results. Over 200 businesses enrolled in the Summer session.


11 In-Depth Training Videos:  Detailed tutorials are provided and key topics are simplified so you learn how to implement each step.



Action Worksheets: An action plan is provided with each session that breaks down each step into smaller actionable items. Each plan will help you immediately begin implementing what you have learned.



Downloadable Session Slides: Session slides are available as PDF’s. Make print-outs of the slides to take notes while you are learning.



Audio Podcasts:  Learn on-the-go and listen to each session from the comfort of your iPhone, iPod or car stereo.



Flexible Payment Options:  Pay conveniently and securely with your PayPal account.

Special Introductory Offer of ONLY $99

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Presenter ~ Josh Unfried, CEO of WindFarm Marketing & Founder of

Josh lives with his family in Lincoln, California. Companies, franchises, groups, associations and local chambers are included in the list of organizations that ask him to speak, train, coach and consult about online marketing and social media.

His company WindFarm Marketing continues to gain momentum for its reputation with clients of producing an attractive ROI within a short amount of time. Josh can be found launching a new tech startup, marketing campaign and/or one of his three kids int0 the sky.

Co-founder of, a social network for moms with a passion for sharing and educating other moms about their favorite things.

Co-founder of TweetFlow, a Y Combinator company and Twitter based business app.

Launched, virtual marketing education platform for businesses and non-profits.

Helped propel a tech startup into INC Magazine’s List of Fastest Growing Companies in America two consecutive years.

Launched MomFaves with no marketing budget via social media (blogging, sites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube). Soon after companies started asking for help using their website and online presence to do the same.


Content in this training program has been delivered and tested on hundred’s of small businesses across the U.S., including:

  • Chamber of Commerce members and organizations
  • Franchise groups and owners
  • Restaurants, retailers, chiropractors, dentists, HVAC companies, health clubs, salons, etc.
  • Home-based businesses
  • Professional Networking Groups
  • Marketing Associations, Newspaper Publications & more…

“With help from your coaching, I’ve seen my practice grow more than 50% in less than a year.”
~ Dr. Jared Thomas, Thomas Chiropractic

 “The WindFarm Marketing Social media course is a must for any small and medium sized business. Josh and his team show you how to integrate all the pieces including Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, YouTube and the myriad of other social media tools into an overall marketing strategy. Each business will have social media tools that fit the personality and message of the business best. The team at WindFarm know how to make the most of these tools to best promote your message. The WindFarm Marketing class helped me avoid the many pitfalls of trial and error learning and pointed my social media efforts in the correct direction. I highly recommend this course and the use of Josh Unfried and his team’s expertise in marketing and social media integration.”

~ Josh Saunders, Great Pacific Wealth Management

“After taking the WindFarm Marketing courses personally, I found the information so pertinent that I enrolled my entire staff in the program. Having my team clearly understand how to leverage social media for business has truly helped our bottom line”.

~ Carol E. Parra-Little, CEO, Corporate Design Group, Inc.

“There are no other courses I have seen or purchased that even come close to providing the level of quality education that you will find in the training. Josh provides an easy to understand blueprint that’s valuable for everyone from beginner to expert. At Origin Coffee & Tea we use this training to leverage the power of the Internet and social media – resulting in the exciting growth of our Facebook page. Our Facebook page grows month to month by over 125 people thanks to the valuable lessons that we learned through this video training course.”

~ Jason Rodriguez, Social Media Director, Origin Coffee & Tea

Anonymous Responses to Feedback Surveys

“I’ve been to three presentations on social networking and this was twice as good as the others”

~ Chamber of Commerce Member

“I thought you did a great job balancing base knowledge with action items we can actually use, definitely the best seminar on social media I’ve been to!”

~ Project Coordinator

“Finally getting around to reviewing notes from your class and implementing some of the things I learned. Doing so reminded me how lucky I was to participate. You really, really did a good job on your presentations and organization. You certainly made me a believer in social networking, keep up the good work!”

~ Small Business Owner

“Once again we were impressed by your training and inspired to get going. It is making more sense to get involved in social networking and by working with you I’m sure we’ll get a handle on it.”

~ E-commerce Business Owner

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